working table systems with an electrically-adjustable height

Temputec SST E flex 30-100/16 M 
Plate demisions 2480 x 1230 mm
Temputec SST E flex 30-100/16 M 

Plate demisions 2480 x 1230 mm

Product variants & request

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This table system is also available in a height of 300-1000mm.

Name Mat. ST52
Item No.
Working Area
in mm
in mm
Tabletop height
from – to
in mm (hv)
Max. load
in kg
Net weight
in kg
Mat. ST70
Item No.
Mat. 1.4301
Item No.
Power supply
SST E65-105/16S 1E0437 1400 x 900 16 650 – 1050 2000 342 1E0440 1E0443 380/400V
SST E65-105/16SL 1E0471 1950 x 950 16 650 – 1050 2000 409 1E0472 1E0473 380/400V
SST E65-105/16XLS 1E0483 1980 x 1480 16 650 – 1050 2000 541 1E0484 1E0485 380/400V
SST E65-105/16M 1E0438 2480 x 1230 16 650 – 1050 2000 707 1E0441 1E0444 380/400V
SST E65-105/16L 1E0439 2980 x 1480 16 650 – 1050 2000 953 1E0442 1E0445 380/400V
Modelle mit Systemloch Ø16
SST E 65-105/16 S 1E0467 1450 x 950 16 650 – 1050 2000 349 1E0468 1E0469 380/400V
SST E 65-105/16 SL 1E0470 1950 x 950 16 650 – 1050 2000 403 1E0474 1E0475 380/400V

*) Different plate thickness available on request (for example, for customers with existing 25 mm clamping devices) (

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Special working tables of the TEMPUTEC FLEX series also have a 100 x 100 mm Ø 28 hole grid same as the FIX series. In addition the FLEX series tables are featured with a manual or 200V or 400V electro-hydraulic height adjustment system.

This allows the users to adjust the entire system table to a special working height to improve the operation conditions without sacrificing ergonomics and cost-efficiency. The range of the height adjustment reaches from 650 – 1,050 mm or even 250 – 900 mm.
The height adjustment of the tables combined with its capability to move them around by just using a standard hand forklift truck enabeling a flexible use of such systems also at other machinery in order to perform secondary operations or maintenance work locally.
Special working tables are ideal solutions for the maintenance of heavy toolings such as used for injection molding, die casting, forging or similar.

Due to the comprehensive bolted joint design the clamping plate can be replaced at low cost if wear occurs later. The table system is therefore especially long-living.

The table above provides an overview of the available standard SST E models.

Features of TEMPUTEC SST E-flex series:

The SST E FLEX table models are available in 5 sizes. The material and the dual plate thickness can be selected according to the application. For special materials such as aluminum, wood or plastic, please contact us by phone, mail or fax.
extremely rugged solid steel design,

  • extremely rugged solid steel design,
  • comprehensive bolted joint design
  • secure and stable by up to 890 kg net weight and levelling feet
  • table plate thickness dual 16mm or triple 24 mm with Ø 28 mm hole grid
  • 100×100 mm line grid for alignment of workpieces and appliances (or 50x 50mm with Ø 16 mm hole grid)
  • wide variety of tabletop materials (aluminium, stainless steel, polymer, etc.)
  • Full steel construction with electrohydraulic scissor lift base for height adjustment from 650 mm to 1050 (welded) or 300 to 1050 mm in a fully screwed version
  • The height is adjusted by an electro-hydraulic actuator which is controlled via a cable remote control. Depending on the version, the power transmission of the height adjustment is carried out by 1 to 2 single-stage hydraulic cylinders to a max. adjustable height of the work surface of 1050mm
  • components coated in black RAL 9005 (powder or KTL,with exception of tabletop unit)individual colorations feasible at extra costs
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