working table systems with a fixed height and side panels

SWT 80/16S-200
Temputec SWT 80/16S-200, S-Format Tisch mit Seitenwangen
und praktischem 100 x 100 mm Lochraster (Ø28 mm)
für rationelles Spannen und Fixieren.

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Name Mat. ST52
Working Area
in mm
in mm (h)*
in mm
Max. load
in kg
Net weight
in kg
Mat. ST70
Mat. 1.4301
SWT 80/16S-200 100328 1400 x 900 16-200 800 2000 315 100331 100334
SWT 80/16SL-200 100350 1950 x 950 16-200 800 2000 355 100351 100352
SWT 80/16 XS-200 100373 1480 x 1480 16-200 800 2000 469 100374 100375
SWT 80/16 XSL-200 100366 1950 x 1450 16-200 800 2000 575 100377 100368
SWT 80/16M-200 100329 2400 x 1200 16-200 800 2000 650 100332 100335
SWT 80/16L-200 100330 2900 x 1400 16-200 800 2000 850 100333 100336
Modelle mit Seitenwangen 200mm und Systemloch Ø16
SWT 80/16S-200 Ø16 100337 1450 x 950 16-200 800 2000 375 100338 100339
SWT 80/16SL-200 Ø16 100353 1950 x 950 16-200 800 2000 490 100354 100355

*) Different plate thickness available on request (for example, for customers with existing 25 mm clamping devices) (

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The special working tables of the SWT FIX series are ideal workplaces for efficient clamping, welding and processing adhesive bonding structures such as railings, racks, appliances, etc.

With the help of our extensive assortment of clamping devices (see section “Clamping Table Accessories“) these table systems are usable as flexible fixtures for high-quality manufacturing of small and medium volume products.

With its 16 mm thick metallic plate and Ø28 hole grid the working benches are usable as 3D-welding table system (tabletops also are available with a 25 mm (triple plate 24+1mm) plate version for extreme heavy working tasks).

Additionally the table pate has 100 x 100mm line grid markings to assist alignment of workpieces or appliances.
The Ø28 system hole grid allows the use a variety of clamping elements and fixation aids. For special process requirements, it is possible to alter the working plate materials to for example, stainless steel 1.4301, aluminum, polymer or even high strength ST70 materials.

Due to the comprehensive bolted joint design the working plate can be renewed at low cost if wear occurs later. The table system is therefore especially long-living.

The table above provides an overview of the available standard models.

Features of TEMPUTEC FIX series – SWT:

The SWT FIX table models are available in 4 sizes. The surface material thickness can be selected according to application. For special materials such as aluminum, wood or plastic, please contact us by phone, mail or fax.

  • extremely rugged solid steel design, comprehensive bolted joint design
  • secure and stable by up to 650 kg net weight and levelling feet
  • tabletop of 16 mm thickness dual or 25 mm (triple) with Ø28 mm hole grid
  • 100×100 mm line grid for alignment of workpieces or appliances
  • variety of tabletop materials (aluminium, stainless steel, polymer, etc.)
  • surface coated in black RAL 9005 (powder or KTL, with exception of tabletop unit)
  • surface can be coloured individually on demand
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